Helping Families Prepare for the Future. Q&A with Elizabeth Perez, Financial Security Advisor

Helping Families Prepare for the Future. Q&A with Elizabeth Perez, Financial Security Advisor

We provide financial security advice to Canadians looking for way to protect themselves and their families. Our society is a multicultural nation of immigrants and very often, our clients need additional help adjusting to regulations that are different from their home country. We talked withFinancial Security Advisor Elizabeth Perez about serving this important sector of customers.

Q. You often work with new residents and immigrants to Canada who are exploring their financial options. How did your background prepare you for this?

I was actually born and raised in Colombia, where I worked for a large insurance provider. I never felt like I was selling. I always felt like I was helping people. I was very successful when I started out because of that.

When I moved to Canada, I wanted the opportunity to keep helping families to learn about their financial goals and create a roadmap to achieve this. It’s about protecting their assets and their loved ones’ futures and giving them peace of mind.

Q. What is different about the work you’re doing at Safe Pacific?

I focus a lot on new immigrants and permanent residents from Latin America who often feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish. When you’re new to a country, it can be a challenge to get good information about how the rules apply. They want to connect with people who have a link to their own culture. It’s about trust.

Q. What kinds of questions do you get from these new Canadians?

It’s similar to what any other customer would want to know. What are the benefits that the government provides, like CPP – and what are its limitations? What do they have to save to prepare for their future? What are their individual obligations? How much life insurance do they need?  But they don’t want to make assumptions that it works the same as in the country they came from.

Many of the people who come here are entrepreneurs and professionals looking to provide a better life for their families. Ultimately, I show them strategies to improve their situation with a mix of different solutions. It’s an ongoing process, with regular reviews to update their portfolio or plan based on changes in their lives.

What do you do when you’re not helping clients with their financial future?

I like the outdoors and getting out in nature. I enjoy getting together with my friends. I am also a very spiritual person, always searching for that deeper meaning in life.

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