How to Pay for School – Sources of Money for Education

Here’s an infographic and article on “Sources of money to pay for post-secondary education.” In this infographic, we outline the the different sources for post-secondary education. This year there’s an additional $1,200 grant from the BC Government for children between the ages of 6 – 9 years old.

Post-secondary education can be expensive, however having the opportunity to plan for it helps with making sure that you’re capable to meet the costs of education. In addition, when you have a plan, it’s easer to make financial decisions that align with your goals and provide peace of mind. We outline 7 sources of funds for paying for post-secondary education:

• Registered Education Savings Plan
• Tax Free Savings Account
• Life Insurance
• Scholarships, grants, bursaries
• Personal Loans, Lines of Credit
• Government Student Loan
• Personal Savings