Financial Security Advisor

Franz Vickerson

Franz comes from a long background in customer service. He joined the finance industry in 2010 with BMO Bank. In 2017 Franz joined Safe Pacific as an independent insurance and investment broker to bring his high quality training and passion for customer service together for his clients. Franz has a very personal and relationship approach to creating financial plans for his clients. Getting to know someone and creating trust is a crucial step when creating a winning financial plan.
When he’s not at work, you’ll find him on the North Vancouver trails walking with his wife Maiko and his dog Steven. He grew up in the Okanagan and in the winter you’ll find him there skiing and in the summer you’ll catch him there on the lakes.

Contact Franz

office phone:

+1 (604) 628-9610



mobile phone:

+1 (604) 319-5914

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