That Could Never Happen At My Bank

Bring up the situation in Cyprus a few weeks ago with most people and they will say “it can’t happen here in Canada and especially not at my bank.” Do we really know?

In case you don’t know what’s going on in Cyprus you can take a read here: Cyprus Bank Article

In Canada we are told we have:

“The strongest banking system in the G6 or in the Western World”.

With banks globally going bankrupt left, right and center what are we comparing our banking system to?

Is it that unreasonable to think that the banks may run into trouble in Canada?

Look at the current situation in the true white north.

There is a sky-rocketing personal debt level that look very similar to pre-2008 America.

The majority of Canadian’s “retirement plan” consist of their home equity, which the Bank of Canada has publicly stated as being over valued, several times.

When this bubble bursts who is the most susceptible to these problems?

You guessed it, Canadian Banks. What happens if they need a bailout? Will your money be safe? Will the government decide they are going to take money from your account like in Cyprus?

What can you do to protect your wealth for generations?

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