The Global Tax Mafia

As countries around the world fall further into debt they are leaving no rock unturned in their search for extra tax dollars.


If you think countries aren’t taking extreme measures you only need to read what is happening in Cyprus.


It used to be that Tyranical governments used to “ask for your papers”. Now they have simply replaced this with, “show me your bank account” or “show me your tax return”.


The important thing moving forward is how can you lower your tax burden and protect your finances even with this increased desire for more tax dollars. At Safe Pacific we aren’t worried because we teach you how to lower your tax burden while remaining 100% in compliance, keeping your money private and creditor protected.


However, the growing hunger and needs of the “tax mafia” around the world does make us wince.


Watching what has been happening in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Argentina, Italy and the US makes us hope this doesn’t spread to the rest of the world.


No matter if you are good or bad, the Tax Mafia is coming for you.


I am not sure if you have been following what is going on in Cyprus but to recap; the government shut down all banks for a week (on a Friday night) and then proposed a plan to seize more than 9% of the money in bank accounts with over 100,000 EUR and 6% of bank accounts under 100,000 EUR.


That plan caused major backlash so they went back to the drawing board and came up with an even worse solution… leave accounts with less than 100,000 EUR alone and steal everything over 100,000 EUR from “the rich”.


In this case, “the rich” includes retirees who thought they were safe with their money in the bank, business owners and anyone who was “smart” and saved their money at the bank. These are regular people like you and me – and they just got screwed!


There is no simpler way to put this……the government is robbing the banks!


This is theft from the citizens and they have no choice in the matter.


You are probably thinking “I am glad I live in Canada right now and there is no way this could happen here.” People in Cyprus were thinking the exact same thing last week.


Well how about we keep moving west and get a little bit closer with our stories:


In Italy, if you drive a nice car you and follow all of the traffic rules and you may still be pulled over. What are you suspected of doing wrong? Driving While Rich. See this article on Bloomberg.

Police in Italy have started to pull over people in Luxury cars not for speeding but to check their tax records. If their reported income doesn’t match that of someone who can afford the car they are driving you may find yourself in trouble with the tax mafia.


The policy has uncovered over 2,800 luxury car owners whose reported income didn’t seem to merit a Ferrari.


Italy, in fact, has also banned cash transactions of anything over 1,000 EUR! And Greece is on its way to doing the same thing.


Still not close enough to home? How about our neighbours to the south in the USA?


The state of Louisiana has banned the use of cash for garage sales, flea markets and Craigslist postings. See article here.


According to the law, if you sell used goods more than once a month, you are considered a “secondhand dealer” and are banned from using cash transactions.


You must use checks, electronic transfers or money orders – all forms of payment that leave an obvious paper trail.


Have the governments around the world become so desperate they need to start taxing your garage sale money?


When looking at the debt problems around the world the simple answer to this is yes.


Safe Pacific can teach you how to build your capital privately and minimize your tax burden legally so you don’t have to fear the CRA.


Watch our video here for more information:

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