The Wealth Multiplier Podcast with Special Guest Krista Simon

This episode of our podcast we are joined by Krista Simon, a 20 year lawyer and partner at Hammer Co. Lawyers. An extremely informative episode where we talk all about Krista’s personal experience as the leader of her firm’s Estate Litigation team and the challenges that these cases bring forward.

We cover a lot of info in this episode but here are some of the highlights.

1. Make a Plan for Your Estate

The cornerstone of any solid estate strategy is a well-thought-out plan. We kick off the episode by discussing the importance of having a clear and comprehensive plan for your estate. Whether you’re drafting your first will or revising an existing one, you should make sure it’s up to date with plan for when you go

2. What is Estate Litigation?

Next, we explore the world of estate litigation. Estate disputes can arise for various reasons, and understanding the legal framework is crucial. We break down what estate litigation entails.

3. Not All Estate Disputes Come from Mistakes

It’s a common misconception that disputes only arise from mistakes. In reality, even well-prepared estates can face challenges. We discuss the different sources of disputes, including family dynamics and unforeseen circumstances, shedding light on why even the best-laid plans might come under scrutiny.

4. Common Mistakes in Estates

Mistakes in estate planning can have significant repercussions. We identify some of the most common errors people make, from failing to update their will to overlooking the need for clear documentation. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls to ensure your estate is managed smoothly.

5. Most Common Disputes Over Estates: Validity

One of the primary disputes in estate litigation is the validity of the will. We examine what makes a will valid, common challenges to its legitimacy, and how to safeguard your will from potential disputes.

6. Most Common Disputes Over Estates: Ownership Not Documented Properly

Proper documentation is critical in estate planning. We delve into disputes that arise when ownership of assets isn’t clearly documented. Discover the steps you can take to ensure all your assets are properly accounted for and avoid contentious battles over ownership.

7. Most Common Disputes Over Estates: Will

Disputes over the will itself are all too common. We explore the reasons behind these conflicts, including ambiguities in the will’s language and questions about the testator’s intent. Learn how to draft a clear, precise will that leaves no room for interpretation.

8. How People Should Communicate Will Decisions

Effective communication is key to preventing disputes. We provide strategies for discussing your will decisions with your beneficiaries, ensuring everyone understands your intentions and reducing the likelihood of conflict after your passing.

9. Advice for New Lawyers

For the new lawyers out there, we talk about getting started and staying true to who you are.

Those are just some of the highlights from our recent podcast, watch the full thing to get the full experience and learn about some very interesting Canadian cases.

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