Who Needs a Guaranteed Pension Retirement Plan? Q&A with Brent Edwardson, Financial Security Advisor

This is a follow up post and the 2nd part of our interview with Financial Security Advisor Brent Edwardson, we’re delving deeper into this subject.

Q. Tell me about building a guaranteed pension plan. Who needs it?

Everybody needs that, to be able to cover their bills in their retirement. Maybe they’re achieving their personal travel goals, or spending time with the grandchildren, or whatever their goals are, everyone needs a base income to get through. The people who need it more are the ones who don’t have defined pension plans through work, or who can’t rely on a corporate pension plan.

It used to be that you started in a job and kept with it your whole career. Now you’re essentially an independent contractor working with different companies your whole life. You need to be able to live when you’re not working.

Most people don’t think about it until they’re 10 or 15 years from retirement. They’re more concerned with taking care of their family, or they have other priorities. But it becomes top of mind, 10 to 15 years before retirement.

Q. How can Safe Pacific help?

There are a lot of things that get your attention that won’t help you prepare for your financial future. Very often, we’ll pay for something like a car, vacation or other big expense without budgeting for it, or setting aside funds for the future.

I’m able to gather up the information of where they are so far: their assets, income and expenses and matching that with their short and long term plans.

Q. Why is insurance a beneficial part of the pension plan?

One of the advantages of dealing with an insurance based product is that there are guarantees built in. Regardless of the ups and down’s of the markets, we can assure the client that there’s a definite level of income that they would get.

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