Infinite banking for Canadian Families

The infinite banking strategy can be known as many different names and titles, it depends what book or website you’ve read.

This can be confusing if you don’t what it is, but this is a breakdown of what it is and how your family can use it.

The Infinite Banking Strategy For Canadian Families

Essentially what it is, is building wealth within a whole life insurance policy that creates a pool of capital that you can use to invest and fund your family purchases.

These could be things like a house renovation, buying a car, braces for your kids, etc.

We can sit down with you and figure out how this strategy might fit with your family.

The infinite banking strategy comes with many benefits and many benefits combined in a way that you can’t find in any other financial vehicle.

The Benefits of the Infinite Banking Strategy

The biggest benefit is the ability to build a tremendous amount of wealth inside one of these policies in a very low risk and conservative way.

These policies grow using a dividend that’s not tied to the ups and downs and craziness of the stock market.

The policy comes with legal protections, privacy protections and creditor protections, if you set this up right.

Also, it gives you guaranteed access to cash when you need it for whatever reason you need it whether it’s for an investment or, as mentioned previously, your home, cars, braces, trips, etc.

Wealth Transfer for your Family

One huge advantage is the ability when you use these policies to transfer wealth from one generation to the next generation in a tax-free way.

We’re building this strategy based on life insurance so one day the insurance is going to pay out to your kids or whoever you say.

We’re professional financial advisors who have been doing this strategy ourselves and for clients for more than 10 years

We specialize on setting up the infinite banking concept for families in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

This is the main reason why we got into this industry is to help families set this up.

When you’re looking for someone to work with, please look for an expert and look for someone who’s going to work with your best interests at heart.

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