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The technical answer: Infinite Banking is an over-funded, participating whole life insurance policy that you can use to finance the major purchases in your life.

It is a concept made popular by the book “Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept” by R. Nelson Nash. There are other names for this strategy, depending on which book or website you read including Bank on Yourself, Cash Flow Banking, Private Family Banking, Immediate Financing Arrangement and many more. They are all essentially the same strategy with different names used for marketing purposes.

Can It Work for My Family in Canada?

Yes it can work for your family in Canada. Note: There are some important differences from policies issued in the United States. Email us for details on these key differences.

Top 10 Benefits of Infinite Banking in Canada

  • Earn a safe and consistent dividend
  • Comes with guarantees on your money
  • Private & creditor protected
  • Not tied to the volatile stock market
  • You own permanent insurance as an asset class
  • The growth is tax efficient
  • Take advantage of compound interest working for you
  • Very liquid
  • Build wealth generationally
  • Each member of the family can benefit – but you keep control

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