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About Safe Pacific

Safe Pacific is a Canadian financial services company. We specialize in building custom financial plans for Vancouver families, professionals and business owners. We are independent and not controlled by any bank or insurance company. This means we always work in the best interest of our clients.

Empowering our clients to achieve their financial goals is what drives us. It's why we're here and it's why we love what we do.

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  • Always Independent

    We work for you, not a bank or insurance company. Only you get to tell us what to do.

  • Relationship Focused

    We take the time to do it right. Caring about our clients is what makes us different.

  • No Pressure

    You will never be pressured to sign anything. That's not right.

  • No Rush

    We take the time so you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Looking to start setting your own financial goals while protecting your greatest assets?

Let us help you choose the right plan for you.

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Clients We Serve

We provide our clients with financial peace of mind. By protecting their greatest assets and helping them achieve their financial goals, our clients can rest easy knowing their futures are secure.

Laurent and Robert were so amazing at finding a great rate for my critical illness insurance policy. Not only did they work incredibly fast, they were so thorough and made sure they understood everything I needed and delivered above and beyond. They are a great team that made navigating the complicated world of insurance actually fun! I highly recommend them.

Emily Cooper

Working with Rob and Laurent was a real pleasure. Although the investment products we were talking about were very complex, they both were really great at breaking things down and explaining how they worked. Would highly recommend Safe Pacific to anyone who is thinking about long-term wealth creation and creating a strong financial foundation for themselves and their family.

William Hall

I spent close to a year reviewing multiple insurance company policies before choosing to go with Robert and Laurent at Safe Pacific. The differences in cost-to-benefit of each policy I looked at while doing my due diligence was rather substantial. Safe Pacific's access to multiple providers yielded the cheapest and best policy I could find. Plus they're good guys, and that's worth a heck of a lot in my books when buying something like insurance.

Brook Ewert

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Our Services

All of our services have the same objective in mind: to ensure that your future is protected and your financial goals are reached. We work with you to build a custom financial plan that’s just for you and based on what’s most important to you.

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance gives you peace of mind by ensuring your family's needs are taken care of no matter what. We have all options of term and permanent insurance available.

  • Disability Insurance

    Getting sick or injured shouldn't impact your ability to provide and pay bills. Our plans can replace your income and allow you to return to work when you comfortably can, not because you financially need to.

  • Critical Illness

    If you’re diagnosed with cancer, or have a stroke, or heart attack—you could encounter devastating financial consequences due to increased expenses and loss of income. This extra coverage Critical Illness coverage provides will give you with everything you need to ensure you can take care of you.

  • Mortgage Life Insurance

    Make sure your house is paid off if anything happens to you or your spouse. Vancouver real estate is expensive enough with 2 incomes. Imagine your spouse paying the mortgage and and raising kids on just one income.

  • Million Dollar Baby Plan

    Imagine a financial plan that protects your kids and has savings goals built in that line up with significant life events. Set your kids up for life with a customized MDB plan.

  • Infinite Banking & Cash Flow Banking

    Imagine an account that compounds forever, has tax advantages and grows with a safe and secure dividend that's not correlated to the roller coaster stock market. We are experts in this powerful financial strategy.

  • Executive Health Savings Plan (EHSP)

    A go-to business strategy for business owners that leverages the benefits of insurance to help you access retained earnings trapped inside your company.

  • Investment Services

    Investing your money in the right places can be overwhelming. Our team of expert Financial Advisors can create custom investment plans that are right for you and your future. There’s no cookie-cutter plans here.

So, what does this mean for me?

Not sure what the best solution is for you? That’s where we come in. Insurance and finances can be overwhelming to even the most money savvy. Having a financial advisor to help guide you and provide you with an empowering financial plan means that you’ll have someone by your side pushing you to achieve your loftiest goals.

We Are Independent

We work with Canada's top insurance and investment companies to create a custom package based on your unique needs.