A Drive to Succeed. Q&A with Laurent Munier, Co-Founder of Safe Pacific Financial Inc.

Personalized customer service; expert financial advisors that care about you as a person, not just a set of numbers; other firms might claim to do this, but we bank our reputation on it. We’re totally transparent about who we are and how we operate to help you with your personal financing and insurance needs. To that end, we also believe in putting a face, and a story, to a name – and that’s why we want to get acquainted with the trusted people on Safe Pacific Financial’s team who will be serving you over the long term. First up, we have our co-founder and Financial Security Advisor – Laurent Munier.

Q. “Financial Security Advisor” is a title used in many firms across Canada – but Safe Pacific Financial is special because its advisors are all experts on the Infinite Banking Concept. What led you to that area of specialization?

A lot of this is tied into my personal story. Before qualifying as a licensed Financial Security Advisor, I was in a different line of work, as a technology entrepreneur. I was fortunate to achieve very substantial success and had attempted to protect and grow my earnings through more traditional banking and investment instruments. I did this according to the advice of my financial advisor, a very by-the-book person who, in fairness, operated according to the same assumptions and strategies as most people in the industry.

Those assumptions and strategies were wiped out in the 2008 global financial crisis – along with much of my savings and investments, as with so many other business people who were being advised to make ‘safe plays’ in mutual funds, blue-chip stocks and the like.

Long story short, I began researching alternatives to a system that had broken down for me and so many others. I was intrigued by the Infinite Banking Concept that seemed to offer much better safety, security and flexibility for my money.

That’s what drew me to this industry. Seeing how this system works so well for myself, I have a passion for teaching Canadians about this concept and setting it up for them the right way – because while it works well, you need an expert to set it up for you correctly and to guide you to use it effectively.

Q. What do you personally bring to the table for your clients?

My experience from outside the insurance industry, in technology startups, gives my clients quite an edge.

If you look around this industry, the average profile of financial and insurance advisors is an older person in a suit who’s maybe a little too comfortable and complacent in their job. In this industry, it’s not uncommon for your advisor to take 10 days to get back to you. A lot of the time, they’re still working with paper. Technology is just not their thing.

I’m pretty much the exact opposite of all of that. Others may say they want to get on top of technology, but we’re already there. In fact, we’re way past that. I’m able to build relationships with the next generation that’s just not getting properly serviced, because they’re often going to their parents’ advisors or someone at the bank, who is stuck in the old way of doing things. These people know what they want, but they don’t know where to get it.

That difference shows in the level of service we offer. My speed of response? Within 24 hours – unless you’re contacting me late at night, in which case I’ll be getting back to you first thing in the morning. I use text and email to keep in touch with clients in real time. I’m born and raised in this generation. It’s natural to me.

Q. Clients can certainly appreciate the speed of service – but what makes you the person they want to talk to?

I speak the language of our customers. There’s no hiding behind confusing financial jargon. I’m a very good translator of the technical aspects of insurance to the 99% of people who don’t deal with the technicalities of insurance and investments day in and day out. It’s not their job to know this stuff. It’s my job.

I can talk to the technical people and translate it for the client in a simple-to-understand way. Communication is critical – and not everyone can do it. This is something our entire team does very well.

Q. When you’re talking with clients about Infinite Banking, you can see the passion come out in you. This isn’t just your job.

I believe everyone can succeed. I want success for my clients. I know I can show them what’s possible and inspire them to build their own opportunities. I love what I do.

I also know that this job comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re helping people to manage their money, which hits very close to home. To do that, you need to have a mindset where you’re working in their best interest. You need integrity. We strive to show that in all we do. We’re dependable. We do what we say we’re going to do.

Q. What are you doing when you’re not advising clients about their financial future and insurance needs?

For fun? I’m a very active and social person. I enjoy restaurants, art events, snowboarding in winter and riding my bike on Vancouver’s seawall in the summer. I’m also active in business – as a longtime member of a local Vancouver BNI group, I’m the person who people phone when they need to reach someone. I enjoy being a connector. My large social and professional network is a huge part of the value I bring to clients.

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