Executive Health Savings Plan (EHSP)

Business Owners Access Retained Earnings From Your Company Tax-Free While Providing Required Health Protection

Canadian Business Spotlight on critical illness insurance.

Hear what Desjardins’ senior regional sales director has to say about must-have insurance for business professionals.

Executive Health Savings Plan (aka Shared Ownership Critical Illness Insurance)

The Executive Health Savings Plan (EHSP) is an innovative strategy that enables a business owner or key professional to leverage the benefits of critical illness insurance to manage health risk and provide a solid, risk-free return on investment to the client.

The EHSP is now the go-to strategy to meet the tax-efficient savings needs of professionals and business owners.

Who Is It for?

Incorporated business owners or professionals who have retained earnings in their company or holding company and have a long-term outlook for their company. This strategy allows them to access retained earnings from their company in a tax-efficient manner while providing required health risk protection for the company.


Additional Resources

Desjardins Insurance – Client Brochure and Case Study (PDF) (Assumes 38 Year Old Male contributing $1,500 per month)

Sun Life Financial – Shared Ownership Critical Illness Strategy Details (PDF)

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