How are we Compensated?

Safe Pacific is an independent financial advisory firm based in Vancouver.

We specialize in Life Insurance and Investment strategies for Canadian Business Owners and High income professionals.

One thing that people often wonder about us, but maybe don’t ask out loud is how we get paid.

Lots of people assume that working with an independent company like ours for your Life Insurance or investments is more expensive than going direct with the insurance or investment companies like Manulife, Canada Life, Sun Life, and other Life Insurance companies.

But this is wrong.

In this blog we’re going to be talking about our approach to Life Insurance, and how we get compensated for our work and expertise.

Our industry has a stigma around being salesy and pressure focused.

We know this and we take the exact opposite approach, in fact one of our main philosophies that’s written on the wall here at Safe Pacific is “No Pressure, No Rush.”

What that means is there’s never any pressure or rush on our end.  We are much more educational in our approach.

We explain and give options so that our clients really understand what’s going on and the options available before signing anything.

From there clients can make an informed decision

We’re only able to take this approach because we are independent.

There are no quotas for sales, or sales managers pushing to hit certain targets

We want to get to know you, and your goals better, so that we can recommend the best strategy for your specific needs.

How are we compensated?

Now into how we’re compensated.

We are actually compensated by the insurance company or investment firm when we place business

We’re paid a commission if you move forward with any insurance or investments with a company, by that company.

You don’t actually pay us for any of the planning or service we provide up front.

At the end of the day, the price you pay for a policy or investment made through us, is the same as what you’d pay for the exact same thing through the insurance company directly or any other advisor in Canada.

This is because when you buy through the company directly, the company still pays a commission to the advisor who sold you the product at their company.

The benefits of buying through an Independent Broker

Some of the benefits of buying through an independent advising company, in comparison to going to an insurance company directly, is we’re able to shop around.

We don’t just sell Sun Life, or just Manulife, we have connections at all the major providers in Canada, and because of this, can find the insurance or investment product that best suits your needs.

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