How Business Owners Can Insure Themselves and Access Their Corporate Retained Earnings

The strategy we outline in this blog posting helps solve 2 main problems for business owners:

1) They need the insurance

2) They want to know how to pull retained earnings from their company in the future without losing 1/2 of it to taxes

Here’s an infographic for shared ownership critical illness insurance (also called “Executive Health Savings Plan” or EHSP.) In this infographic, we outline the concept, how it works, sample study and how it can benefit you.

Shared Ownership Critical Illness offers business owners and incorporated business professionals a way to access the retained earnings in their corporation or provide benefits to a key employee.

Here are 2 pieces from leading Canadian providers that explain it from their viewpoint

Sun Life – Shared Ownership Critical Illness Strategy (PDF)

Desjardins Insurance – The Executive Health Savings Plan (PDF)

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