How does Infinite Banking benefit you?

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into one of our favorite topics here at Safe Pacific – the Infinite Banking Concept.

This is a strategy we’ve embraced since we started the company, personally applying it over the last 10 plus years to hundreds of Canadians.

We’ll explore the benefits of this concept, focusing on how it caters to Canadians.

We often hear questions about why people should adopt this approach for their savings.

The answer really depends on your circumstances and your attitude. It’s worth noting that while this strategy may not suit everyone at the moment, it holds tremendous value for the right individuals.

What are the Benefits of Infinite Banking for Canadians?

Once a strategy exclusive to the wealthy, as they could afford to pay expert advisors to set up this Infinite Banking strategy.

Today, thanks to the internet’s democratization of information, we can extend this knowledge to a broader audience without the need to spend lots of money on big-firm advisors.

Infinite Banking employs an over-funded, participating whole life insurance policy, serving as a vehicle for investing or financing significant life expenses.

These policies are designed to maximize the Cash Surrender Value (CSV) of the policy and act as collateral for loans against the policy.

The choice of this policy type is deliberate, as it grows with dividends from the Life Insurance Company’s participating account, ensuring continuous compounding and growth throughout your lifetime.

The benefits include the internal growth of your money within the policy and the liquidity to take out loans against the CSV for various expenses and investments.

Look at our catalogue of blogs to learn more about the intricacies of this strategy.

The Benefits

1-Enhanced Loan to Value Ratio

A standout advantage is the high Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) in this strategy.

The security of the insurance policy makes it an excellent collateral choice. While other assets like real estate or stock portfolios offer collateral, they often fall short in providing comparably high LTV rates. With a participating whole life policy, achieving 80%, 90%, or even 100% LTV at competitive rates becomes feasible, offering flexibility in borrowing from either the insurance company or a bank.

2-Accelerated Wealth Growth

Another benefit involves the potential for wealth growth through what we call “stacking investments.” This strategy enables you to earn returns twice on the same dollar, leveraging the annual dividend from your Participating Whole Life Policy and additional returns from wisely invested loaned funds.

Considering the current dividend rates ranging from 5.5% to 6.5%, this consistent source of growth can compound indefinitely, given the policy’s history of paying dividends for over a hundred years.

Now I’m not allowed to guarantee they’ll pay a dividend in the future, but these policies are generally built around having a dividend and their consistent track record of paying dividends for more than 100 years makes me feel confident that insurance company par accounts will continue to pay dividends.

Because you can use your Participating Whole Life Policy for a loan without withdrawing any funds from your policy, that growth can compound forever.

Now, when you take that loan against your policy and invest it, hopefully you make good investments and those grow too.

So, you are effectively earning twice on every dollar you put into your policy and leverage out.

First with the Dividend in your policy. And Second with any investments you make with your loan money.

You can invest in anything you want – our clients generally invest in the stock market, real estate, back into your business, in someone else’s business or whatever.

3-Liquidity for Business Owners

Infinite Banking provides the liquidity that a lot of business owners are seeking.

Utilizing corporate earnings in your Holding company, this strategy offers quick access to funds without sacrificing the compounding effect of dividends.

As a business owner, timely access to cash for growth, salaries, inventory, or other needs is crucial. Infinite Banking simplifies this process by enabling swift access through an insurance company policy loan.

4-Tax Deferral on Policy Growth

The dividend growth within your policy is tax deferred, which without taxation it is enhancing the compounding over time. Properly structured loans against the policy may even render most of the funds you use tax-free, a valuable consideration for maximizing returns. It’s essential to consult with your accountant to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

If they don’t know, tell them to call us and we’ll point them in the right direction to answer any questions they have.

5-Meeting Life Insurance Needs

Last but not least, Infinite Banking fulfills a fundamental need for life insurance.

Whether you’re safeguarding your family, acquiring a new home, or managing a business, this strategy seamlessly integrates insurance coverage with the potential for financial growth.

Life insurance payouts in Canada are tax-free, offering additional peace of mind.

And there you have it – the five key advantages of Infinite Banking tailored for Canadians.

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