In the Beginning – How Safe Pacific Got Started. An Idea with Infinite Potential.

As Canadian financial advisory and insurance experts, we believe in the idea of making your own luck. Success in life doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about having goals, a strategy to achieve them and the persistence to follow through with your commitments. Of course, sometimes amazing things can result from entirely unplanned, lucky chances – and a perfect example is how this firm got its start, from one happy coincidence.

Our story begins in a time many of our clients would prefer not to remember: in the wake of the 2008 global financial crash – the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. Trillions of dollars in value on paper disappeared into a black hole of panic and corruption. Those who had trusted the diverse basket of ‘conservative’, secure investment options offered by the banks and other traditional creditors found that their “prudent” fiscal planning could not save them.

Laurent Munier (the future co-founder of Safe Pacific) had done well for himself in the years before the crisis as a successful entrepreneur in the cutting-edge technology sector. He’d worked hard, made good use of his entrepreneurial mind and business training and made all the right plays. He had a financial advisor and took their advice by putting some of his money in mutual funds while making profitable investments in the burgeoning stock market.

Times were good – until the luck ran out.

The global crisis hit hard – and Laurent learned the hard way that the old, ‘safe’ way of investing for his future was anything-but. “In just a few months, 81 percent of the value of my investments disappeared,” Laurent says, shaking his head at the memory of it.

It was a hard time – but Laurent wasn’t going to just give up. If the old financial system wasn’t working, he would look for an alternative – and he found it in the Infinite Banking Concept, luckily happening upon a lecture on the topic online.

“Before the crisis, I honestly didn’t know that much about insurance,” says Laurent (who is now a certified expert in the space). “And when I saw this video on the Infinite Banking System, I thought it couldn’t be for real. I’m a skeptic. But I did my research – and the more I learned, the more I realized it’s just a brilliant concept. It’s much safer than traditional banking instruments. There’s so much less risk for the money that you put in. That’s exactly what I was looking for.”

There was plenty of information about the Infinite Banking Concept for Americans, but Canada has its own set of rules when it comes to insurance and banking. He wanted to delve deeper, but his research turned up very few leads when it came to implementing the Infinite Banking Concept north of the border. “I kept looking for an expert in Canada to do this, but as far as I could tell, no one here even knew it existed.”

That’s when luck once again played its part. “I was in someone’s office for something totally unrelated to IBC when I overheard someone laying out the concepts right in the next room!” Laurent said. It was Robert Trasolini, the future co-founder of Safe Pacific – but right then, Laurent and him had never met. Robert was teaching other estate planners how to manage the Infinite Banking Concept for their clients.

Laurent stopped Robert in the corridor outside as the seminar ended. “How do you know about this?” he asked. It turned out that he’d learned it while doing work for an insurance company and had just kept on using it. Estate planners were already using the IBC – but no one in their line of work knew that the concept had a name!

Laurent could see the opportunity. After following up and researching more, they both realized that there could be huge demand for an alternative to the traditional banking system for clients across Canada.

From one big idea, Laurent and Robert created a firm that would help Canadians from all walks of life to take advantage of the Infinite Banking Concept – and as luck would have it, they are happy to take your call today.

Since then, Safe Pacific has grown to be a leader in setting up this strategy for Canadian families and business owners.

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