Infinite Banking for Business Owners

How Canadian Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals Can Use the Infinite Banking Strategy to Increase Their Access to Cash and Save a Bundle on Taxes.

Who is it for?

  • Business owners
  • Incorporated professionals
  • Holding companies
  • Company has retained earnings

What purpose does it serve?

Business owners need access to financing to build and grow their business. Sometimes the time and credit requirements needed to access financing from traditional banks and lenders can be a major pain point. This strategy allows you to build your own “line of credit” inside your company, grow it and access it anytime you want, for any reason you want. This strategy give you access to your own financing without talking to a bank or lender.

  • Build wealth inside the company
  • Can save tax
  • Used as your own, private line of credit
  • Used as Key-man insurance
  • Used to fund your Buy / Sell Agreement
  • Used for company owner’s retirement or legacy in future

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