Infinite Banking for Canadian Business Owners

What is the infinite banking strategy and how does it work for Canadian business owners?

The infinite banking strategy for business owners is a way to build wealth within your company or holding company using a participating whole life insurance policy.

The Infinite Banking Strategy for Canadian Business Owners

This strategy is for business owners who have either an operating company or a holding company or both, who want to grow wealth within their company and create a giant line of credit to fund their company’s growth.

Which could equate to buying a new office, new equipment, machinery, hiring staff, etc. Whatever is needed to grow your business.

It also serves multiple purposes because these policies can be used to fund your buy-sell agreement or as key person insurance, which are required in your shareholders agreement.

Why Canadian Business Owners use this Strategy

Business owners tend to set the strategy up for a few reasons:

They want to look at protecting their business in case something happens to them.

They understand that they are a crucial part of their business, and they want to mitigate against the risk that something would happen to them.

They want to grow wealth within their company in a tax efficient manner, this strategy is great for the fact that it will allow them to build wealth over the long term.

They want to have access to this capital so they want to be able to build a line of credit in their business that they don’t have to be approved for and then they can use money to further grow their business

They also don’t want to be invested in the stock market with huge amounts of volatility, they want steady stable growth.

Sometimes they just come set the strategy up because their accountant told them to.

If you fit into one of these many reasons why then you’ve come to the right place

When you’re working with an advisor the number one thing you want to look for is that they’re an expert at doing this and that they’re also working in your best interest.

We can work with you in BC, Alberta and Ontario

If your business is at a point to set the strategy up you want to work with experts, we’re professional financial advisors that specialize in the strategy.

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