Infinite Banking for Canadians: What is it? How does it work?

Infinite banking for Canadians.

What is the Infinite Banking Concept? How does it work for Canadians?

Let’s get into it.

When we set up the infinite banking concept.

What we’re doing is we’re buying a maximum funded participating whole life policy.

When we have the policy set up, what you’re going to do is you’re going to put the maximum amount of cash in there that the CRA allows you to.

You want the maximum cash surrender value and the minimum amount of permanent life insurance and then when you need to use the money what you’re going to do is you’re going to borrow against it instead of withdrawing it.

This is because the cash values are so secure and guaranteed once they hit the account, you can use the cash as collateral to get 90% loan to value from the insurance company, with some banks you can get 90% or 100% loan to value.

This allows you to have compound growth forever inside your policy versus withdrawing money like you would in a bank account that stops your compounding.

How does it work?

When you buy one of these participating policies it comes with two parts to the account one part is the regular life insurance that everybody understands if you pass away money pays to a beneficiary.

The second part is the cash part of the account, and this is what we want to make as big as possible and there’s huge advantages to this cash account that are not available in any other type of financial instrument.

First, it’s a very safe and secure place to store your money, it’s insured more than any money that’s in your bank account.

Second, you’re invested in the insurance company’s participating account only people who own these types of policies can access that account, the growth in these policies comes from a dividend that’s paid by the insurance company.

So today in 2023 the dividend on average is around five or six percent depending on the company you work with. These dividends are safe and secure, the companies we work with have paid these dividends every single year for more than a hundred years, that includes world wars, great depressions, the 2008 crash and they still paid a dividend every single year.

We’re not allowed to promise you what they’re going to do in the future but if they ever didn’t pay a dividend, they would have some serious problems because the cash in these policies is so safe and secure you can leverage against it.

There are two ways to do this depending on your needs, the first way is the simplest you can borrow it directly from the insurance company this is what’s called a policy loan there’s no simpler way to get a loan than to get a policy loan from a whole life policy.

Look at it this way, the insurance company’s holding your cash plus they have life insurance on you so if you ask for the money, they’re going to give it to you . They also control the investments in the participating account that pays your dividend. They are covered.

Borrowing from a bank?

The other way to do it is you can take your policy to a bank or other third-party lender and leverage against it. Usually what they will do is they will set up some sort of line of credit or a demand loan. The average teller is not going to have any idea what you’re talking about, you need to talk to very specific people inside the bank who specialize in lending against insurance policies.

Leveraging from a bank is a little different. First, the minimums are much higher they don’t want to talk to you unless you’re putting at least a hundred thousand dollars a year into one of these policies.

In fact, when we set up the lending with a bank what they do is they underwrite you for a loan at a million dollars first and then they’ll release it a hundred-thousand dollars a year for ten years as you make your premium deposits or whatever numbers you’re working with.

When you get the loan from the bank you’re going to have to go through their full financial underwriting, you have to qualify for the loan. So, it’s a little tougher to borrow from the bank but the big benefit is that usually the loan interest rate is lower and right now we’re dealing with prime plus.

To recap you open a participating whole life insurance policy with the right insurance company and then you put the maximum amount of cash in that you’re allowed and when you need to use the funds, you leverage against the cash value so that you can invest or buy or spend.

We have clients that are using this concept to renovate their house, so that they can invest in the market or to even start a whole brand-new business, some even funded their business by doing this so what you’re going to do with yours is totally up to you and we’re here to guide and coach you through that process.

We do this all day every day and have hundreds of clients doing this all across the country. So, if the infinite banking concept is right for you then get in touch by email phone dm we’re happy to talk to you see you next one

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