Interview with Marvin Toy from Equitable Life of Canada

In our video below we interview Marvin Toy, a tax and estate planning consultant that we work with at Equitable Life of Canada.

Marvin started off his career 25 years ago as a tax lawyer specializing in helping owners of businesses manage their tax burdens.

He then started working for insurance companies, due to the great tax advantage opportunities available for his clients through whole life insurance policies and that’s how he came to be working for Equitable Life of Canada.

These tax advantage opportunities available to clients through whole life insurance policies is exactly what we focussed on in our interview with Marvin.

Marvin works throughout Western Canada with various Advisors, so he has an excellent perspective on what Canadian Business owners can do with a Whole Life Insurance Policy.

We had the pleasure of asking him a ton of questions as well as learning more about all the different ways Canadian’s are utilizing Whole Life Insurance policies.

We cover:

Why young business owners are purchasing whole life Insurance?

  • To answer this we review a Case Study of a Female Lawyer using Whole Life Insurance to grow her wealth.

Why there is a Tax exempt status on the interest gained within a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

  • Giving an in depth overview of the history of the Canadian financial System.

What is a Capital Dividend Account, and why is it beneficial for business owners?

  • More specifically how this helps pass on money from an estate into a corporation.

How Business owners can use their Whole Life Insurance Policies while there still alive?

  • Explaining what the Cash Value of a policy is and how business owners can access it at incredible loan to value rates.

How people can use Whole Life Insurance to help them invest in Vancouver Real Estate?

  • We discuss how Real Estate Developers are using Whole Life Insurance to help with their property tax burden.

And finally how a Whole Life Insurance policy can help in retirement?

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