Interview with Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki

We got together with Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki to talk about the current state of the world and how our clients can avoid more pain and continue to grow and take advantage of opportunities.

In this exclusive interview we discuss:

  • What advice would you give to business owners right now?
  • Why Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki loves Vancouver?
  • What advice do you give to people going through today’s turmoils?
  • The important of tax planning
  • Expensive Vancouver real estate & rent vs buy
  • Rich Dad’s formula for building wealth
  • Low interest rates and government theft of pension funds
  • How can you win with really low interest rates?
  • If you are graduating today what should you do?
  • Who should be on your financial power team?
  • Where do you see great opportunities in 2020?
  • The most powerful business tool ever designed is in your pocket

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