Robert’s Keynote Presentation at the 2022 Estate Planning Summit

Last month one of our owner’s and founder’s Robert Trasolini delivered a great presentation as a keynote speaker for the Advocis Estate Planning Summit 2022.

He presented for hundreds of Lawyers, Accountants, Business Owners, and Financial Advisors from across Canada.

In his presentation he covered a variety of topics related to Life Insurance and Estate Planning. Emphasizing how Life Insurance can be used as a useful tool to solve a lot of the problems that come up in Estate Planning.

How Life Insurance can help with Estate Planning

In this video Robert summarizes the biggest problems of estate planning that can be solved through Life Insurance.

This list is long and has some surprising features including the speed of Life Insurance payouts and it’s privacy benefits.

Case Study: Business Owner uses Life Insurance to Transfer Wealth 

Here Robert provides a case study of a Client who owned a business and used his Life Insurance policy to help pass on wealth he accumulated in his company.

Not only will his policy pay out to his beneficiaries, but it will also do so in a tax efficient way

As an added bonus this presentation also features real numbers to give you an inside look at how Life Insurance can be used to grow your wealth while helping in the Estate Planning Process.

Why you’ve been thinking about Life Insurance Incorrectly

One of the biggest points made in Robert’s presentation was on the misconceptions and common stigmas surrounding Life Insurance.

Often times people view Life Insurance as a sunken cost, but in fact it can be used as an asset to grow and store your wealth.

More importantly, when you do pass away Life Insurance can protect your assets to allow them to transfer to your beneficiaries as easily as possible.

Case Study: Keeping the Ski Cabin in the Family

Another awesome case study about how Life Insurance can be used to help mitigate tax burden your beneficiaries might face.

In Vancouver, it’s pretty common to know someone with a family ski cabin. However we have also seen real estate prices sky rocket in the last few decades.

When you try and pass on the cabin to a family member they will also be receiving a hefty tax bill, due to the capital gains on that property.

Life Insurance is a great solution to this problem because it pays out quickly, tax-free and can help pay some of those tax costs associated with transferring wealth.

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