The Infinite Banking Concept and the Millionaire Mindset – Part 2

Whether providing for your own financial future or leaving a legacy for your dependents, the most important thing is often how much you spend, not how much you make. You don’t have to be earning a six-figure paycheck to take advantage of the Infinite Banking Concept. We see these consistent traits in people who are geared for success using Infinite Banking:

  • You value stability and can think in the long term.  For you, committing to a life plan for 7 years, 10 years, 20 year or 30 years makes a lot of sense and doesn’t scare you. For this strategy to work, you’ve got to think long-term.  This is ‘get rich forever’, not ‘get rich quick’.
  • You’re a saver. The banks have done an amazing job over the past few generations overturning what used to be overwhelmingly a saver’s mindset into one that is charmed by easy credit. It’s very common now for people to buy a couch, a car, or vacation on credit, heedless of interest rates — and that’s where people get into trouble. Not you – you like to save money and have cash in the bank.
  • You’re not afraid of doing things differently. People don’t like change – and the banks have scared people into thinking there’s only one way of preparing for your financial future, according to their rules. The truth is that the IBC, managed by an expert, is less risky and gets you further ahead than most traditional banking products – and it gives you the financial freedom and independence that banks promise but don’t always deliver.

Do you believe in your own success? Willing to budget? Ready to try an alternative to banking products that work for the big banks and not you? Call us today and learn how the Infinite Banking System can work for you.

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