The Infinite Banking System “So good it’s unfair”

We recently sat down with a potential client to discuss the Infinite Banking System and their response was “This is so good it’s unfair that not everyone knows how to do this.”

That’s because he had the moment of clarity where he understood that with this system you:

  • Protect Your Assets, Retire Tax-Free AND
  • Get Paid to Borrow Money

We have prepared a 36 minute video that explains this strategy in detail and outlines how you can:

  • Start your own personal “bank” to deposit cash, earn interest and loan yourself money
  • Your deposits earn several times the interest of a typical savings/checking account; anywhere from 2-10% in this economy
  • You actually get PAID interest to borrow money (so you may never take out a regular bank loan again)
  • You’re 100% protected against a loss of principal. And your cash is safe from creditors, lawsuits and even an ex-spouse
  • It’s extremely liquid, so you can access cash with just a few days notice
  • At retirement age, you can withdraw money 100% tax-free

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Some excellent books have been written about this subject. Here are the most valuable resources on this topic.

Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Bank Concept – R. Nelson Nash

Bank on Yourself – Pamela Yellen



A great website and people to follow are The Elevation Group who discuss this topic in real life ways. There is a free and a paid portion to this site.


If you have any questions about how this strategy can work for you in Canada, please contact us by phone or email.

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