Wealth Professional Article featuring Laurent Munier

Our very own Laurent Munier, Partner at Safe Pacific was featured in a recent Wealth Professional article.

The article covers the power of social media to inform and influence clients.

Laurent discusses how the websites like YouTube and  Instagram have become great distribution platforms for every industry.

“Clients are watching and reading content everywhere online – on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, you name it – and it comes up in our conversations,” (Laurent Munier, PFA)

He also explains how Safe Pacific has utilized social media from the beginning to generate leads and build our book of business.

“We put out good, honest, compliant advice for our target market,” he says. “We tell people the risks, the pros, the cons, and we tell them who this is good for who this is not good for.” (Laurent Munier, PFA)

Lastly Laurent goes over the real threat that scams pose on the internet. He encourages consumers to look for trusted reputable people giving out information online.

“Consumers should be smart about which finfluencers they are following and don’t just blindly follow everything you see on the internet.” (Laurent Munier, PFA)

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