We’re Hiring a Star Admin and Marketing Assistant

Dear Applicant,

We are Laurent Munier and Robert Trasolini – founders of Safe Pacific Financial Inc.  

By reading this page in full, you’ll learn 3 things:

  • About us and the company, Safe Pacific.
  • The job description, including compensation.
  • If we’re the right fit for each other, in which case we’d love for you to apply. 

First, let me tell you about us.

Safe Pacific Financial Inc. is a financial services company based in Vancouver that specializes in providing insurance and investments planning for business owners, professionals and their families. We play the game and achieve at a high level and expect you to do so as well.

We are independent brokers and work with most of the top insurance and investment companies in Canada. No bank, insurance company or investment company owns any part of us or tells us what to do.  Independence is a key driver of our success.

We are relationship-focused and work with our clients over a long time period.  We work closely with our clients and know very intimate details about their lives, finances, business and families – the trust we build with clients is huge and we defend it fiercely.

We have been in business since 2011 and you can learn more on our website at www.safepacific.com, the Google and on our social channels (please find them.)

Our team is Robert and Laurent (partners), an associate and an office manager (ie. you.) We also have an independent events producer who puts together 8 client events for us each year.

Here are the MANDATORY requirements for this position.

1. This is a part time position to start – 8 – 10 hours per week at our Vancouver office. The position can expand into more depending on you and where you can grow this position.

2. You MUST be willing to learn new tasks quickly, provide exceptional service, take charge of your role in the company, be self-sufficient and not require constant direction. You MUST be a proven winner in your life and mind.

3. You MUST have some experience and basic knowledge working with online tools, marketing, client services and financial lingo. Your written English is impeccable – you cringe when someone misuses they’re in there emails.  Some of the technologies you will use on a day-to-day basis include:

If you are scared of computers / working online and not technically savvy, this job isn’t for you. 

4. You MUST have a passion for self-development and be a positive, motivated person.  Our company culture and values consist of continual self-improvement and adding value to others, so we only want to work with someone that is aligned with that.

Let me walk you through the official “Job Description” of the position that we will offer to the right person.

You will be Robert and Laurent’s “right hand wo/man”. You will assist in every aspect of the business to ensure that admin is dialed, clients get the service that was promised and our marketing goes out on time and looking beautiful. Culture and brand is extremely important – part of your role will be to ensure that Safe Pacific is presented in the highest regard with a focus on acquiring affluent clients. You will take charge and take ownership of this position.

Daily duties include:

  • Client servicing
  • Updating client database
  • Keeping track and documenting all business activities (including sales, meetings, premiums/investments etc.) and providing stats
  • Uploading new content to our social media channels at least once a day
  • Writing engaging email newsletters
  • Organizing client appreciation events
  • Improving our online presence

You will also have A LOT of FUN. This is really a requirement. Although we are very dedicated when it comes to work, we are just as dedicated to having fun and enjoying every day of every week. Boring, uptight people are not going to fit in.

There is a huge potential for growth in this role and the job will be what you make it. You will run and manage the operations of the business as if it was your own. We are looking for someone to commit to this position long-term.

If after reading every word on this page twice, you 100% believe this is absolutely, without a doubt, the perfect thing for you then please submit your resume, intro letter and social media links via email to [email protected] with the Subject line “Applying for star admin and marketing assistant position.” Yes, this detailed application information is buried to test your attention to detail and to see if you can follow instruction.