What are Child and Spousal Riders?

Welcome to our seventh week of posts all about insurance riders, where we have been informing you about all the types of insurance riders.

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This post will be covering child and spousal riders, what they do, who should get them, and how they benefit you as the policy holder.

What is a child rider?

A child rider provides life insurance for the child of the insured.

This includes natural-born children, stepchildren, and adopted children. A single child term rider will cover all children, including those not yet born.

The purpose of the rider is to provide a small death benefit if any of the included children die while the life insurance policy is active.

The coverage usually does not exceed $30,000.

If the unthinkable happens, the payout can help parents cover the funeral costs, pay for counseling, or take time off work to grieve.

Your children will not need to undergo a medical test. However, some insurers may ask questions related to their health.

If a child has a severe underlying condition, the insurer may refuse to cover them. So, if you have multiple children, it is possible that some may get coverage while others may not.

Generally speaking, children are covered until they turn 25. Once they are older than 25, they may choose to convert the term coverage into a permanent insurance policy.

What is a spousal rider?

A spousal rider gives your spouse coverage under your policy.

In other words, you and your spouse will be covered under the same policy.

Compared to buying a separate life insurance policy for your spouse, a spousal rider is less expensive, which is one big benefit.

However, for the most part it offers less coverage than having two separate policies.

For a rider like this you will want to speak to an advisor and discuss what will best fit your current needs.

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