Your Health and Underwriting a Life Insurance Policy

Today we discuss three sad but hopeful stories about the impact of life insurance on lives and health of our clients. 

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a new appreciation for how underwriting can help.


When you apply for life insurance, critical illness insurance, or disability insurance, you often have to do medical exam of some kind. 

This exam helps the insurance company determine if they want to cover you and for how much. 

Sometimes, it’s a simple blood test with a nurse, while other times it’s a full medical report from a doctor. 

This is called underwriting. 

It also involves questions about your lifestyle, such as whether you often travel to developing countries, or if you have any dangerous hobbies like mountain climbing. 

Early Detection

Here are 3 cases where the medical exam helped clients uncover critical information about their health. 

Case 1: 

A client took a medical exam only to find out they had a brain tumour. 

Now, of course this was a sad and scary situation to be in, but it was also good in its own right. If the client did not learn about the tumour when they did, it could have been deadly. 

But because it was discovered, they were able to get the help they needed.

Case 2:

Another client, because of their insurance medical exam, learned that they had HIV. 

Just like in the previous example, this was a major shock and totally unexpected. 

However, they were very happy to have this information to make decisions about health and lifestyle. 

Obviously this is a terrible situation, but in the end, they were grateful they discovered this complication early.

Case 3:

Not long ago, after their exam, one client discovered cancer. Again, receiving this kind of news is devastating. 

However, the early detection led to a full battery of treatments. The client went on to get the help they needed, and then onto to a full recovery. 

All because of the early detection.


All three clients were obviously upset receiving the bad news. Nobody is ready to hear news like that. 

Yet, all of them have thanked us and are happy that they went through the insurance medical exam. As it allowed them to discover the problem early, and seek treatment as early as possible. 

When we launched Safe Pacific, we had no idea that underwriting could help folks uncover critical information about their health. We are grateful that these stories had happy endings.

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