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Safe Pacific Financial Inc. is one of Canada’s premiere companies helping Canadians understand the Infinite Banking Concept. We work with families, professionals and business owners to structure these kinds of plans.  If you have any questions about if this plan is right for you or about how to set it up for yourself or your company, please call or email us and we are happy to help.


Safe Pacific Financial Inc. offers full service advice and planning for your Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Extended Health and Group Benefits, Travel Insurance, Retirement Planning, RRSP, TFSA and RESP needs.


Safe Pacific Financial Inc. is licensed with the Insurance Council of British Columbia. Our cross-Canada network of professionals lets us work with clients across the country. Safe Pacific Financial Inc. is a proud member of the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) – this relationship allows us access to the top Canadian insurance and investment companies




Robert is born and raised in Vancouver, graduating from West Vancouver Secondary and receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria. Robert started his career in the financial services industry in 2010 with his beginnings in insurance. He has broadened his skills across wealth management, employee benefits and corporate risk management. Robert’s main focus is working with families, business owners and professionals. He designs and implements financial strategies that attract and retain good people and manage risk within a business.


In his free time, Robert enjoys athletics having played and coached football, basketball and rugby. He enjoys traveling and has lived in both Italy and Austria. He volunteers his time with several charities including Beauty Night Society and the Breast Cancer Society.




Laurent Munier is an entrepreneur with previous success in the online space.  He learned about the Infinite Banking strategy from a Texas company in 2009 after being hit hard in the 2008 global economic crash.


In 2009 he met Robert and convinced him to start Safe Pacific Financial Inc. as a resource for other Canadians who want to learn about and implement the Infinite Banking strategy for themselves and their businesses. Since 2009, Safe Pacific has grown into one of the premiere Infinite Banking companies in Canada, servicing clients across the country and teaching other advisors how to implement the strategy for their own clients.


Outside of Safe Pacific, Laurent interests lie in technology, the future, entrepreneurship and start ups. For fun he enjoys restaurants, shows, concerts and myriad social events. He contributes to the Canadian Cancer Society via his mother’s Cancer Survivors Support Group – Team Salama.